Swinging Into 2014

I’ve pretty much given up on making the 120 mile drive to Lake Erie to specifically fish. Gas is expensive, I have countless responsibilities at home, and my luck has been so poor when it comes to steelhead and fishing conditions, I was beginning to think I was cursed. I still make the drive up but usually to visit family and friends. If conditions happen to be favorable while I’m there I’ll go out for a few hours. I’m operating under the notion that someday in the future I’ll have more time to spend chasing these fish.

A week ago the North Coast was locked in ice due to the now infamous polar vortex. Every single tributary was frozen over. Fast forward a week and mild temps and snow melt had the creeks in fine shape. I jumped at the chance to swing a few big Intruders in the off color water.

I had lulled myself into a trance to the rhythm of cast-swing-step-repeat. This is half the reason I fish this way…it can be very relaxing. Suddenly the line went tight and the loop of running line slid out under my index finger. I felt the head shake. Finally. A fish. Not a monster but a respectable fish on the swing. Its a good start to 2014 and I know it’s not to be taken for granted. I’ll take it.


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