Hare’s Ear Wets…sort of

Tying comes to me in spurts. Motivation comes and goes, sometimes driven by the “necessity” of an impending hatch. I mean, c’mon, I have all winter to tie for the Spring but I never do. Now the rush is on. The olives are here and although I haven’t seen them, the blue quills are probably making an appearance. Next will be Grannoms and somewhere in there will be the Quill Gordons. I missed them in 2012 because of the warm Spring but 2013 looks to be a little more promising. So there’s the impetus…the famous Quill Gordon. I’ve become motivated to tie some wets for this year’s Epeorus pleuralis emergence.

Size 12's

Size 12’s

I’ve never tied a Hare’s Ear nymph with proper guard hairs for a tail. I’ve never even owned a hare’s mask but I used what I had on hand to wrap these up. I guess they aren’t proper Hare’s Ear Wets. In the future I’d like to use thin slips of quill in the slate gray color for the tail as well. Now, can anyone explain to me how to tie up a wet fly leader?


6 thoughts on “Hare’s Ear Wets…sort of

    • I may have asked before. I can’t remember. I have a good length/taper written down at home but how the heck do you tie the droppers? Don’t make me call Dirty Hands Wotton. I’ve been swinging one fly at a time.

      • Droppers are easy, you just cinch knot on a length of stiffer mono (I’ve been using 2X tippet, but keep telling myself to use 6# or 8# maxima).

        But, cinch it on and push it down against teh blood knot between segments. You are using knotted leaders, right? They seem to turn over straighter due to stiffness far ebtter than factory extruded jobs.

        As for not having an actual hare’s mask: Hit up your local craft shop and buy a full rabbit skin for $5. You can get your own mix of dubbing from every pinch cut off, from real fine mole like stuff to the real spikey guard hair laden shit. You can even go so far as to cut your own zonker strips with a razor blade.

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