BWO’s, here we come…

…right back where we started from. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to make a fishing related post. So much has happened since I last fished, with my buddy Coty, the day after Christmas. My wife and I were blessed with a daughter, our first child, in February so fishing has been on hiatus. I haven’t tied a fly, wrapped a guide on a blank for months…I’m not even sure where half of my tying supplies are currently living. I received a message from Coty that the olives had begun showing themselves this year. I then recveived a subsequent message from another friend stating that he was going to be camping out in central Pennsylvania for the week. Things had settled down somewhat at home so I decided to go for a ride.

Like Ice Cube said, it was a good day.

Like Ice Cube said, it was a good day.

It turned out to be a perfect early March day. A little rain from overnight had the creek up and a little off color but that didn’t affect the fishing. The temperature settled in around 35*F with occasional gusts of wind and the overcast sky never cleared up. Just like I like it.backcast (1024x603)hookset (1024x682)fishon (1024x766)

The baetis made their appearance right on schedule, nice big ones too. The trout started a little earlier than the duns riding the surface. Probably slashing at emergers. A couple of hours of solid risers made for a really enjoyable day and my first dry fly action since I can’t remember when. Thanks Bill for letting me tag along.

A lot of good sized fish were working the same pool.

A lot of good sized fish were working the same pool.

I hope everyone made it through winter ok. Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “BWO’s, here we come…

    • Hey! Sasquatch. How ya doin? I’m definitely still kickin around. I drop in to the forum here and there just to keep tabs on everyone. I’m going to try my best to get to Potter. It was a great time last year. If the weather holds there might actually be Quill Gordons this year. If I can commit i’ll let you know. Tell Jerry I said “hi”.

    • Good eye. That isn’t me. That is my fly rod though. We swapped for a few fish. I took his 2wt Loomis IMX…man, I liked it more than I care to admit. I’d never fished any Loomis rod before that but I always wanted to cast a CrossCurrent in an 8. Oh well, maybe after my daughter moves out.

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