It’s been warm. The big hatches have come and gone and the first day of Summer is rapidly approaching. Before I fully surrender to bluegills and bass for awhile, I grabbed a short 2wt and headed for cold water.

This guy was missing part of his gill plate.

Severe storms had passed through the area about a week before I ventured out and the damage in some places was considerable. The stream I had intended to explore was unfishable. There were so many downed trees that the streambed was impassable.

No lack of cover for trout in this stream.

I was forced to move on due to the damage but I eventually found what I was looking for.

Perfect brookie habitat.

I encountered a lot of yellow stoneflies, midges, and a smattering of different mayflies. Definitely a good amount of food to support a population of fish.


Despite the mayflies and stoneflies I stuck with my Royal Wulff. I only fished a few holes before an extended downpour chased me back to my truck. Fortunately I got into some fish and that made the drive worthwhile.

Brookies must be predisposed to eat Royal Wulffs…or is it “Wulves”?

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Alleghenia

  1. Wulves, obviously.
    Next time you’re in the same county as me, please remind me that you deserve nothing less than Bolt Thrower at top volume in the Element enroute to whatever destination we’re destined for.

    It will supercede Sleep. I failed you in not playing Salvo at tinnitus inducting levels.

  2. I was driving home from Centre County after the Jam and “Those Once Loyal” came on shuffle. That’s really good driving music. I can’t imagine what it sounds like with your speakers. I might lose consciousness.

    I have other questions for you that need to be answered in person such as,
    Can I cast that Wulff rod that you built? and,
    If I have relegated myself to fishing for smallmouth with only topwater flies for the summer, does that make me a dry fly snob?

    I have other questions but I can’t think of them right now.

  3. I was once told I write like I talk, ergo:
    1) Fuck yeah, you’ll love it, too. Its not a graphite 6wt, that would be entirely stupid for tiny streams. Its this awesome little extension of your arm, and the fact that its actually a 6 means it can afford to throw a little weight that a 3wt can’t… and it’ll send put a solid bend for a 7″ fish. the downside? one piece. i’m not up to trying to teach myself to ferrule rods, but the guys who sold it to you will cut it as much as you want.

    2) Yes, but see, you’re doing it right. Its supposed to break 90 this week for multiple days meaning bass now much take as much precedence as limestone creeks do on weekends. I’ll make some streamers, but be annoyed and not catch shit on them when I could be throwing gurglers river side, anyways.

    Somewhere in this valley is a stream with smallies. I need to learn where that is and use it.

    Sweet mother of fuck, when the punches come on Salvo and your chest vibrates, its what makes it work. Best metal album ever recorded, regardless of who says elsewise. I think I’ll go listen to it now. See, you inspire me…no homo.

    oh, and people who read this:…we‘re a fishing forum now, tell your friends who aren’t assholes.

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