Memorial Day weekend 2012

Not much of a story here. I just wanted to post a handful of pictures from a quick run out to the mountains last weekend. I only had Friday off so I knew that if I didn’t go fish it would be at least another 8 days before I would get the chance again. With the weather slated to hit 90 degrees over the holiday weekend I decided that I shouldn’t wait. I packed my bag and hit the road in the morning.

First trip with the new 1wt.

I recently got my hands on an older Scott fiberglass 1wt rod from another board member on It was built by Marty DeSapio and at just 6′ long and 3 pieces, it makes a really nice pack rod for small mountain streams and native fish.

Nice looking pool.

This was my first trip to this particular stream. I had avoided it in the past because of access issues. After a little nosing around I found a couple places that I could access small portions of the creek. There were many more miles upstream that I didn’t explore but I will in the future.

A little tricky finding access but it was worth it.

I tied on a peacock body deer hair caddis and started to explore the small pools that you would expect to hold fish. It didn’t take long to get into small natives.

Even these little guys feel good on a 1wt.

I originally chose to fish this stream because I had heard that it held wild rainbows. That may be true but I never saw any. I ran into a couple of kids riding their bikes when I was leaving and they seemed interested in why I would waste my time fishing for brookies if I wasn’t keeping them. I explained my stance and asked about the aforementioned wild rainbows. The 11 year olds explained to me that “they’re in there,” and “if you really want to catch them, you need to ball up slices of American cheese.”  They seemed to frown upon my box of Royal Wulffs. I got a chuckle out of the whole conversation as I packed up my waders. Wild rainbows or not, I will never complain about catching a few healthy brook trout like these.

Very nice native.

A quick picture and its back into the pool.

Safely released.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.


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