F.H. Paddock build update

I’ve been plodding along with this build of an F.H. Paddock “Lemon Drop” blank. Between work, acquiring components, resposibilities at home, etc., I’m finally starting to see some results.


For this 7’6″ 3/4wt I wanted a translucent effect on the guide wraps. I elected to use YLI 50 in #078 Antique Gold for the primary wraps and for a few subtle accents I settled on YLI 100 silk in #254 Light Taupe Brown for tipping. This was my first experience wrapping tipping. I managed to make it look presentable but it took several attempts to get the 4-5 wraps to my satisfaction.

Another reason I decided on brown tipping for accents is that I had previously selected a down locking reel seat from REC components with a Curly Koa spacer.

Curly Koa with polished aluminum down locking reel seat from REC.

I ended up using Snake Brand universal guides on this build and I firmly believe that they are superior to any other snake guide that I’ve used or seen. They are ready to use right out of the box and the feet are radiused so that they sit more securely on the blank. It makes quite a difference. If you are at all on the fence about choosing snake guides for your build, give Mike a call at Snake Brand. He takes genuine interest in his products and his customers. Check them out at http://www.snakeguides.com/

Mildrum SRMC stripping guide.

For finishing the wraps I bypassed my can of Spar Varnish and decided on Flex Coat Lite thinned with denatured alcohol. I warmed the Flex coat and mixed thoroughly before adding an equal amount of the alcohol. Application with a toothpick made the first coat of epoxy go on smoothly which brings me up to present. I’m currently allowing the Flex Coat to set up over 24 hours before I apply another coat of the un-thinned Lite formula. With any luck I’ll be fishing the rod by this time next week.


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