Not having fished in PA since December I decided to take a ride. I have been tying a lot lately in anticipation of Baetis in March and hadn’t been out. My tying is streaky. Either I don’t touch my vise or I have it on me at all times just in case I get a free minute. Recently it has been the latter. After checking my fly box for progress last Saturday, I determined two things. I couldn’t handle being a production tyer and I needed to fish.

BWO's for March...or maybe sooner.

I headed for a spring fed trickle that had a steep gradient and good cover. The tumbling pockets and small pools had brook trout written all over them. Not being familiar with this stream I didn’t know what to expect but as I initially crossed the run, I saw a lone trout dart for cover. At the end of the day I had hiked more than I actually fished.

Clean and cold.

I had been dying to get out and try my original Diamondback Diamonglass fly rod that I had acquired over the winter. This was my first experience with a fiberglass rod and I’ll admit that they live up to the hype. The Diamondglass has a smooth, willowy action that can’t be hurried but at the same time, isn’t so slow that it’s sloppy. At 7′ 6″ for a 3wt line, it seemed a good choice for this small stream. An advantage of a fiberglass rod on a run like this is that it will load easily with almost no line out and on my walk back upstream, two little native char put a nice bend into it. Not bad for a February day.

If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up...and then selling it to me.


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