Wild Browns in December

A fishy plunge pool.

With the first day of Winter only 10 days away I would normally be piling on the miles in my truck and driving north to chase steelhead on the Lake Erie tributaries.  This steelhead season hasn’t been especially kind to me as far as the stream and weather conditions go.  To be honest…I’m a little burned out on making the drive and hearing, “oh, you shoulda’ been here yesterday,” or seeing Elk and Walnut Creeks looking slightly more turbid than chocolate milk and blowing their banks as they rush lakeward.  Not this time…this time I took a ride to a stream that will remain unamed in search of wild browns.

I started with the obligatory dry fly but the size 16 parachute Adams quickly froze up.  I don’t think I would’ve moved a fish anyway in the 36 deg. water.

Beautiful blues and reds on these fish. Definitely worth the drive.

I switched up to a dubbed olive nymph with a tiny pinch of tin shot about a foot up the tippet.  Going deep in the deepest holes proved to work out great.  It’s rare that I plan something and it actually comes to fruition.

Nice blue-ish spot behind the eye.

In the end it turned out to be worth the effort and, even if for just an hour or two, I felt like I knew what I was doing.


3 thoughts on “Wild Browns in December

  1. Nice blog here. I feel right at home knowing most of the waters you fish (this one included). I’ll be sure to follow along.

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