Fly fishing, clean cold water, wild trout, epic hatches…Pittsburgh?

Home sweet home.

First off, let me say, I love being a resident of Pittsburgh.  As far as big cities go, it’s rather small, with just over 300,000 residents so it’s not overwhelming. We have great neighborhoods, schools, food, sports teams, no less than three rivers, the list goes on and on.  So whats the problem?  Pittsburgh has to be the worst place in Pennsylvania to be a fly fisherman.  Sure there are stocked streams within minutes of the city but oftentimes I need more.  I need a wild trout fix.  So what’s a guy to do?  Usually, road trips.  Pennsylvania has some of the best spring fed streams and greatest hatches not to mention wild brookies, browns, and even rainbows.  Being a latecomer to fly fishing and tying, I’ve barely scratched the surface of what PA has to offer.  So it can’t be wild fish and limestone streams all of the time.  So what.  This blog is about making the best of it.


4 thoughts on “Fly fishing, clean cold water, wild trout, epic hatches…Pittsburgh?

  1. man, you have no clue how much that EXACTLY mirrors bethlehem’s now dead steel mill, the placement along teh river, the row of the blast furnace stacks, the whole set.

    i want to find our version of that.

    • The “save our steel” piece was very cool. Well written. I live in an area of the Monongahela River valley, although close to the river’s terminus downtown. The Mon valley still holds the majority of the remaining steel industry in the region. I can’t imagine what it was like when it was in full swing. It has been well documented that the sky was dark with soot even at mid-day and the snow would fall black in winter. Its a strange skeleton of riverside railyards and a lot of empty buildings now.

      • we’re not pittsburgh, but there was a time when there wasn’t a man in this town who wasn’t employed by the bethlehem steel. even as a kid, every male in my mother’s family eithered worked for the steel directly, or in a directly related way (ie, the railroad that served them).

        it was declining my whole life, but i remember when it finally just rolled over and died. just that empty rusty skeleton left now, slowly being picked apart for yet another industrial park. a casino came in a few years back, bought up a chunk of it and turned into a fuckign steel mill themed casino.

        its amazing to see, they kept the blast furnances, some of the old brick buildings. i drive by it now, and i see the silent blast furnaces that used to burn off impurities at the top in a massive candle to the gods.

        there was this massive shovel thing, ran on a skyward track, dangling down. you could see it by the bridge when you’d drive past. truly monsterous, the scoop was the size of houses, 100′ up and moving massive piles of i dunno, scrap or something.

        driving to my grandmother’s house on holiday, watching it move was amazing. when the steel died, it went silent.

        i drove by a couple years back, when the casino was getting started. dont’ have much need to go past it anymore.

        i might have teared up when i saw it was converted into a sign for the fucking sands casino. the apparatus that help builded the nation, win wars, and drive american industry was a goddamned sign for a goddamned casino now.

        i’ll never go there. not ever.

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